The Search Engine

Find My University is Pakistan's first and largest online University search engine that aims to provide accurate and personalised search results for students wishing to apply for Unviersities in over 10 countries world-wide Our search engine solves all of the major problems that students face when choosing a university and the options displayed are suited to the needs of Pakistani applicants. In under a minute, students from all over Pakistan are able to search from 2240 universities, 10 countries and over 55000+ courses world-wide.

Online and in-house Counseling, Application and Visa Services

Our team of professional career-coaches analyse the profile of each client, using a variety of personality tests and questionnaires. We use this data to then match a course that is in-line with your passions and dreams. Our online counseling portal helps clients to avail our services, right from the comfort of their home. Our coaches guide you through every step of the way and pave a path that leads you to your desired educational destination.

Online Application and Visa Portal

Applying to any university can be a tedious process, given the amount of paper work and processes it requires. To solve this problem, we have created an online application and Visa Portal. Our application/visa portal enables applicants to apply to the selected options, right from the comfort of their homes. Applicants can now upload all of their documents, track the application process and get counseling, right from their mobile phones. The process is transparent for all involved stakeholders, making the process less overwhelming and clearer than ever before. No more random trips to the counselor's office!!!

Digital Media Platform

Find My University, through its crossplatform social media presence (Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat and Instagram), aims to provide news, views and reviews regarding various educational activities around the world. We aims to deeply connect with our Pakistani audience and bring content that they can share, relate and engage with on a daily bases. We are constantly upgrading our database as well as the digital media platform to bring content that is for today's world as well as for the future. Our aim is to engage with the youth of Pakistan, provide them with bite-sized information that helps them better understand the world around them and make more informed decisions about their future.